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We are one of the well known manufacturers of light alloy wheels for passenger cars. We, KORMETAL, are established in Istanbul, TURKEY in 1978. Kormetal wheels are produced of premium quality aluminium alloy using the latest technology available. Production of our wheels performed by strict quality control and full testing in every stages of our production process starting from aluminium alloy ingots to finished products. KORMETAL is certified with TS-EN ISO 9001:2000 by TUV NORD. Our alloy wheels have TSE certificate from Turkish Standards Institute and GOST Certificate for Russian market. If you wish to get more and detailed information about our company and products, please feel free to get in touch with us. You may also find more information in our web site. While thanking you for your kind attention, we remain at your disposal for further assistance.
We have been established since 2003, continuously growing with an innovative and contemporary perspective. We are focused on constant development and growth with our young and dynamic staff who are adding new customers and countries to our portfolio every day. We are exporting and operating our products all over the world from our two offices based in London and Istanbul with quality-oriented principles. Our company continuously increases market share and opens up new areas in order to meet customers demand in different products groups. Our basic principle is to keep our customers happy with quality of products at the highest level. Our products are manufactured with the latest technology in our factories. Our products have ISO 9001 quality. Our professional staff follows and controls all of the products from being produced until they reach our customers safely. Mission : Our mission is to insure customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality of the products, provide fast, safe and affordable service. Vision : Our vision is to increase our competitiveness and growth in the international market also to be sensitive to environment.
With its 28 years of experience, Ider has been serving in the furniture industry for many years. Opening its first store in Istanbul Kazasker in 2003 Ider with a total of 28 stores in Turkey and abroad meets with its customers directly. Demonstrating its difference with before and after sales customer satisfaction Ider renews itself continuously meet the needs of their customers and gives direction to the development of the furniture sector in Turkey. Ider product range includes a rich variety of modern style dining room, bedroom, TV unit, sofa set, corner set, plinth, bed, home accessories and complementary products. It is very easy to combine different products with the rich color and fabric options offered to Ider furniture customers.
KUTLU chocolate, that defines “Achievement is not a coincidence.”, has started to produce chocolate with squad who are experts in production, selling and marketing departments since 2012 in Istanbul. KUTLU chocolate has made production in totally hygienic and natural conditions with the vision of regional leader by creating difference from its competitors in sector. KUTLU chocolate is commercializing its products which are produced appropriate to AB standards by using the newest technology in many different countries ranging from Turkey to ABD. Work discipline of KUTLU chocolate combines expectations of customers with trends in the world by considering conditions of marketing. KUTLU chocolate leads applying new trends in Turkey. KUTLU chocolate is sensitive to consumers, environment and employees and produces products in high quality. The reason behind the quality of KUTLU chocolate’s products depends on sensitivity in production. KUTLU chocolate, that defines “Achievement is not a coincidence.”, had started to produce chocolate with squad who are experts in production, selling and marketing departments since 2012 in Istanbul.
We are a full-service import / export company with an office in Istanbul. We operate in over 130 countries. You can directly call to any of our agents in the following regions: Istanbul, Tunis, Paris You are welcomed to visit our office in Istanbul for a cup of coffee and discuss new market opportunities.
Founded in 1989, our company has been engaged in various business activities in 28 years. We have been exporting to Middle East countries and European countries since our foundation. Ind
Ricardo Ricco is originally an Italian shirt brand and it was registered in Turkey as our trademark in 1971.Since it’s foundation, production has been going on in Istanbul,known as world’s trade center Due to great commercial experience coming from the past,we accepted fast service with high quality production as a company principle.Our merchandises are exported to the countries like Italy,USA,Ukrain,Spain,UK,Baltic and African counties. Our manufacturing line consists of new brand machinery and technology.Thanks to their personal skills, each of our staff is known as a craftsman.In order to design the most fashionable&suitable mens shirt and women blouse, our R & D department regularly visits the fashion fairs all over the world On the other hand, our company always cares for the social facts such as the people’s health and environment Ricardo Ricco will keep on his customer-based facilities in order to make your mens shirts and women’s blouses better and better.